Here Is Why You Should Massage The Feet Before Bedtime

The best relaxation that one human could get and it is great for overall health is massage .

You can also do it in home conditions so you can properly relax after a long day, if you do not have enough time to visit specialized massage parlors.

Here is why massage is useful

Rejuvenates skin
Speeds up the metabolism
Frees you from toxins and stimulates the secretion of sweat
Reduces fat and breaks the cellulite
Improves nutrition of tissues and increases microcirculation
Massage the feet before bedtime

Before bedtime by massaging the feet you will relive yourself from the acids that are responsible for the convulsions. Also you will relax the muscles of your body and  stimulate the digestion.

In the foot, there are numerous nerve endings and by stimulating them you will improve your general health. By massaging them, you will you will active the work of the sweat glands and stimulate the nerve endings and certain organs in the body.

By pressing certain points on the foot you will successfully treat some health problems.

For pressing one particular point, use the thumb for few seconds.  Massage your feet every night before going to bed for about 15 minutes to achieve maximum results .

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