Dessert Dips are fantastic. I mean, what girl doesn’t want to dive into a bowl of this Cookie Dough Dip?!

Dips are easy to whip up for company and  they are pretty addictive…. so why not make them a little more guilt free?… And to clarify by “SKINNY” I do not mean “EAT THIS AND BECOME SKINNY”. I mean, it is a “Skinnier” version of something that contains a heck a lot more calories, so when you get a sweet tooth craving, you don’t need to feel as guilty sitting down to a serving of this.

For being a reduced fat recipe, this dip pretty dang good. I really enjoyed it and it did kick my chocolate craving to the curb. Granted, its no cream cheese, butter or true brownie batter, but it does the job for those trying to diet. Try it out for yourself!

This is a great way to hit that chocolate craving with a little less guilt


  • 1 (18.4 oz) box Brownie Mix, Dry
  • 2 cups fat free PLAIN yogurt, I have tried it with greek yogurt and it gives it more of a sour flavor
  • 2 cups lite cool whip, thawed
  • mini chocolate chips, optional


  1. Combine brownie mix, yogurt and cool whip together in a large bowl. Stir until completely combined. If desired you can stir in some mini chocolate chips as well.
  2. I garnished mine with some mini chocolate chips and served with graham crackers, nilla wafers and teddy grams.

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